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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

CAT 3 sewage loss

This home experienced a CAT 3 sewage loss in the basement. Our crew members had to remove all flooring & walls 2 feet high.

Drying wood floors

This kitchen experienced water damage as a result of a dishwasher leak. The mitigation crew was onsite the same day and set up drying mats and other drying equ... READ MORE

water damage during the local storm

crew had to fully demo several rooms in order to mitigate the water damage

Duct Cleaning in Pikesville, MD

This is a before and after of a Duct Cleaning that was recently done. Notice the build up of years of dirt and dust. The customer mentioned that the system ha... READ MORE

Glass & Blood Cleanup in Catonsville, MD

This home experienced a traumatic event that required our crew members to clean up broken glass and blood spill in several areas of the home. All porous materia... READ MORE

Hoarding Issue

We were called out to this rental property due to a hoarding issue. We were asked to remove all the debris, contents, and bio-hazard items from the home. Our ... READ MORE

Fire Damage

This home experience a kitchen fire which resulted in smoke damage throughout the home. The home also had water damage from resulting from the fire department ... READ MORE

Ceiling Collaspe

This home experienced a ceiling collapse that resulted in the bedroom being covered with debris and insulation. Our crew worked hard to cleanup all the debris,... READ MORE

Commercial Building Water Damage

This commercial property in Arbutus, MD experienced a water damage due to a line back up that affected 12 areas. This large job used over 75 pieces of commerci... READ MORE

Sump Pump Failure in Halethrope, MD

This flooded basement in Halethrope, MD was the result of a sump pump failure. Not only did the basement flood with CAT 2 water but was covered in mud. The af... READ MORE

Water Damage in Commercial Building

This large commercial sewage damage was a result of a county main line that backed up into the building. It affected 16 areas including a classroom, kitchen, wh... READ MORE

Residential Water Damage in Owings Mills, MD

This water damage in a residential basement was caused by a sump pump malfunction which is a very frequent reason for many of our homeowners. Once the issue is... READ MORE

Electrical Fire in Apartment Building

An electrical fire caused the damage to this Pikesville apartment unit Kitchen. The soot on these white cabinets is very evident but sometimes it is not so noti... READ MORE

Squishy Capet in Catonsville

Carpet padding holds water like a sponge. Once it gets wet it should be removed to allow the flooring underneath and the carpet above to dry. Allowing it to rem... READ MORE

Gym Affected By Water

A water damage to a commercial property can cause damages other than structure and contents. Businesses can lose significant income and customers if the water c... READ MORE

Fire Damage to Residential Home in Pikesville

Fires can be devastating emotionally to a homeowner. Returning their home to a preloss condition as quickly as possible is our specialty and goal. A homeowner ... READ MORE

Fire Damage and Pack-out

A broiler caught fire and caused this extensive damage which required a pack out in this Glen Burnie home. Pack-outs and storage are two more services that our ... READ MORE

Tented Ceramic Tile Floor

A week of below frozen temps caused pipes to freeze in this Towson residence. They subsequently busted causing damage to all three levels in the home. Our cer... READ MORE

Ceiling Collapse

After over a week of below freezing temperatures, frozen pipes in this home thawed out, busted and saturated a ceiling to the point of collapse. Wet insulation ... READ MORE

Drywall Ceiling Debri

The combination of a week with below freezing temperatures and a vacant home are a recipe for disaster. Frozen pipes caused this ceiling to fall onto the beaut... READ MORE

Office Building Water Loss

For a commercial building even the smallest water damage can cause significant disruptions in the normal flow of business. This is why it is so important to SER... READ MORE

Cats Living in Storage Unit

In this line of business you just never know what the day could bring. This call was for the cleaning of a storage unit that was found to house 10 cats. Not onl... READ MORE

Blood on Walls

A bleeding dog caused blood splatter through out this home in Reisterstown. Poor thing had cut himself while outside taking care of business and came running i... READ MORE

Growth on Walls

Here is a picture of suspected growth that was found on the walls in a Reisterstown home. To prevent the spread of it and to inspect for more that may have been... READ MORE

Mold Growing up the Wall

In the right conditions mold can start growing in 24-72 hours. Temperature, light and humidity can all play a role in how rapidly it spreads. To prevent further... READ MORE

Mold found in Insulation

A contractor stumbled upon this mold growth in some insulation while performing some remodeling for the homeowner. Once we opened up the walls we found the mold... READ MORE

Burst Pipes Cause Flooding

Over a week of below freezing temperatures caused the pipes to freeze in this home. Once the temperatures rose above freezing, the pipes thawed and busted. The... READ MORE

Mold on Masonry Wall

The mold growth on this basement masonry wall was the result of a leaking window that went undetected for an unknown amount of time. It was remedied by cleanin... READ MORE

Smoke/Soot damage to Fine China

This picture depicts a piece of fine china that was recovered from a residential home that suffered from a fire. The china had sentimental value to the homeowne... READ MORE

Restroom in commercial Building

An overflowed toilet caused this water damage loss in a post office. Sewage water contaminates everything it comes in to contact with and proper measurements ... READ MORE

Toilet Back-up in Offices

This wet carpet was the result of a toilet back up in an office building in Catonsville. The glue down carpet was removed, equipment was placed and three days l... READ MORE

Winds and Rain

Strong gusty winds broke a tree in half and unfortunately the broken limbs fell into and broke the windows of this beautiful Pikesville home. Scaffolding due t... READ MORE

Mold in Baltimore Basement

Proper treatment, including controlling and ultimately eliminating mold is a vital component of water damage restoration. If not promptly re-mediated, the fungi... READ MORE

Mold on Drywall

Mold grows best in warm, moist, and dark conditions. Moisture is the most critical requirement for the fungi growth. For this reason it is crucial that any area... READ MORE

Drilling Holes VS. Removing Drywall

To minimize damage mitigation of a water damage should be started as soon as possible. Delaying the phone call for help usually only causes more issues. In this... READ MORE

Muddy Storm Water

Muddy storm water flooded the basement in this Arbutus home. Gusty winds and torrential downpours left about a foot of water and mud covering everything that it... READ MORE

Removal of Flooring

If the source of the water in a water damage is unsanitary or if the water has been sitting on the flooring for an extended amount of time it is sometimes neces... READ MORE

Smokey Cookie Jar Lid

A small kitchen fire quickly turned this white Dalmation Cookie Jar Lid into a brown, smoke and soot covered Dalmation. SERVPRO has specialty chemicals designed... READ MORE

Sewage Loss

Sewage and other bio hazardous losses require careful mitigation, specialty products and personal protective equipment. In addition, to clean the air it is some... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning

In addition to Fire and Water Restoration and Mold Remediation SERVPRO can also do general cleaning and carpet cleaning for both businesses and residential. Sho... READ MORE

Just Like New

Using the hot water extraction method from a truck mount unit and specialty stain removal chemicals, our carpet technician was able to get the stain out of thi... READ MORE

Sewage Back-up into Tub

This homeowner was totally shocked and at a loss of what to do when she saw that sewage had backed up into her tub. A neighbor suggested she call us. We cleaned... READ MORE

Duct work Cleaning In Pikesville MD

This duct work job is the result of an apartment complex fire, with multiple units damaged. SERVPRO of Catonsville went in and cleaned the HVAC unit and vents t... READ MORE

Busted Pipe in Catonsville Md

A huge water pipe busted in the water service room

Shortening Spill in Windsor Mill, Md

A huge commercial bakery had a shortening spill in the warehouse, spilled on loading docks and outside. We were able to get it cleaned up quickly so the bakery ... READ MORE

Mold Job in Lutherville Md

Bad storms in Lutherville MD with heavy rain caused a flooded basement from sump pump failure . There was a few rooms affected from the water and then mold was ... READ MORE