Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Toilet Back-up in Offices

This wet carpet was the result of a toilet back up in an office building in Catonsville. The glue down carpet was removed, equipment was placed and three days l... READ MORE

Restroom in commercial Building

An overflowed toilet caused this water damage loss in a post office. Sewage water contaminates everything it comes in to contact with and proper measurements ... READ MORE

Cats Living in Storage Unit

In this line of business you just never know what the day could bring. This call was for the cleaning of a storage unit that was found to house 10 cats. Not onl... READ MORE

Office Building Water Loss

For a commercial building even the smallest water damage can cause significant disruptions in the normal flow of business. This is why it is so important to SER... READ MORE

Gym Affected By Water

A water damage to a commercial property can cause damages other than structure and contents. Businesses can lose significant income and customers if the water c... READ MORE

Water Damage in Commercial Building

This large commercial sewage damage was a result of a county main line that backed up into the building. It affected 16 areas including a classroom, kitchen, wh... READ MORE