Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold on Drywall

Mold grows best in warm, moist, and dark conditions. Moisture is the most critical requirement for the fungi growth. For this reason it is crucial that any area... READ MORE

Mold in Baltimore Basement

Proper treatment, including controlling and ultimately eliminating mold is a vital component of water damage restoration. If not promptly re-mediated, the fungi... READ MORE

Mold on Masonry Wall

The mold growth on this basement masonry wall was the result of a leaking window that went undetected for an unknown amount of time. It was remedied by cleanin... READ MORE

Mold found in Insulation

A contractor stumbled upon this mold growth in some insulation while performing some remodeling for the homeowner. Once we opened up the walls we found the mold... READ MORE

Mold Growing up the Wall

In the right conditions mold can start growing in 24-72 hours. Temperature, light and humidity can all play a role in how rapidly it spreads. To prevent further... READ MORE

Growth on Walls

Here is a picture of suspected growth that was found on the walls in a Reisterstown home. To prevent the spread of it and to inspect for more that may have been... READ MORE