Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Muddy Storm Water

Muddy storm water flooded the basement in this Arbutus home. Gusty winds and torrential downpours left about a foot of water and mud covering everything that it... READ MORE

Winds and Rain

Strong gusty winds broke a tree in half and unfortunately the broken limbs fell into and broke the windows of this beautiful Pikesville home. Scaffolding due t... READ MORE

Burst Pipes Cause Flooding

Over a week of below freezing temperatures caused the pipes to freeze in this home. Once the temperatures rose above freezing, the pipes thawed and busted. The... READ MORE

Drywall Ceiling Debri

The combination of a week with below freezing temperatures and a vacant home are a recipe for disaster. Frozen pipes caused this ceiling to fall onto the beaut... READ MORE

Ceiling Collapse

After over a week of below freezing temperatures, frozen pipes in this home thawed out, busted and saturated a ceiling to the point of collapse. Wet insulation ... READ MORE

Tented Ceramic Tile Floor

A week of below frozen temps caused pipes to freeze in this Towson residence. They subsequently busted causing damage to all three levels in the home. Our cer... READ MORE